5 Things to bring to the beach for a perfect Labor Day

beachchair1 Cold Drinks – Pack a cooler, or if you’re travelling light, freeze a couple of water bottles overnight and then enjoy ice cold water as they melt throughout the day.  If you pack some alcoholic beverages for your day, be sure to drink plenty of water as well and remember that glass is not allowed on the beaches.  Therefore, bring beer in cans and wine in non-glass containers, you can use wine boxes or the new disposable tetra packs.

2 Snacks – Although there are plenty of excellent beach side restaurants in Panama City beach, you may want to bring along some snacks of your own.  Bring some sliced fruits in a ziplock bag that are cool and refreshing along with some more substantial munchies like nuts, chips and jerkys. Remember to bring an extra bag or two for packing up your trash at the end of the day, these can also come in handy for protecting your personal electronics if you get caught in a surprise Florida rain storm.

3  Chairs and Umbrellas – Chances are if you’re spending the whole day at the beach, just a couple of beach towels won’t cut it.  You’ll end up uncomfortable and probably sunburnt.  A lot of beaches have vendors who can rent you a set of chairs and umbrellas, especially if you’re staying at a beach front condo.  Don’t count on it unless you know  and show up early because they can run out on a holiday weekend.  Otherwise, pack your own, a light set of folding camp chairs, and a small beach umbrella or folding canopy will do the trick.

4 Sun Protection – Always bring plenty of sunscreen with an SPF of 25 or higher, check the label for water resistance.  Sunglasses are also a must and insist on 100 UV protection. You’ll also want to bring t shirts and cover-ups, either for when the sun’s too much or if it gets a little cool in the evening.  If you got a little sun in the day, the slightest breeze can feel quite cool at the end of the day.  Hats are great, a regular ball cap or something full brimmed.  You’ll often notice locals and lifeguards in big full brimmed hats and long sleeve tshirts in the afternoon.

5 Entertainment – It’s always good to have something to do while spending your day relaxing on the beach.  Bring some reading material, some of your favorite magazines or that novel you’re trying to finish.  It’s good to have some games too, that people can play together, which can be a simple as a ball to toss around.  Radios are a good idea too, there are lots of new bluetooth enabled speakers that let you stream music from your phone or ipod, some of them are even weather and water resistant.  Be sure to think about your neighbors on the beach though and keep the volume at a respectable level.

Most importantly, bring a smile and remember how great it is to spend your holiday relaxing on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches!

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