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Beaches in and around Panama City Beach

The white sand beaches of Panama City Beach are world-renowned for their beauty. Along with traditional beach going, parks and piers offer other unique experiences from fishing to ecotourism. Be sure to to check out the Beach Safety tips at the bottom of the page and get out and enjoy some of the best beaches the country has to offer!

Public Beach Access

There are public beach access points all along Front Beach Road. If you don't have beachfront access from your condo or hotel, these are the easiest points to access the beach. With nearly a hundred access points, there is sure to be one within walking distance or a short drive.


Panam City Beach has two main piers, M.B. Miller Pier (12213 Front Beach Rd.) and the Russel-Fields Pier (16101 Front Beach Rd.) these similar piers both jut out around 1,500 feet into the gulf and offer excellent sightseeing and fishing opportunities. The Pier Park shopping center can be found at the base of the Russel-Fields Pier and offers all kinds of shopping and dining experiences. It costs $2 to walk out onto the piers and $6 to fish from them. The beaches below offer free sunbathing and swimming opportunities and in the right conditions have some of the best surf in the area. In addition to these two piers, two other piers exist at St. Andrews State Park (see below).

St. Andrews State Park

St Andrews State Park is located just to the east of Panama City Beach. The park offers beautiful beaches in a natural setting. You can walk along the beach, toss out a fishing line from the Gulf Side Pier or the pier over spectacular Grand Lagoon. Enjoy a swim, either in the Gulf waters or the adjacent "Baby Pool", a calm water area along the jettys of St. Andrew's Pass. There are no concessions but camping sites are available. If you're not camping out, the park closes at sunset.

Camp Helen State Park

On the West end of Panama City Beach, Camp Helen State Park offers a one of a kind natural experience. Swim and walk along beautiful beaches or venture into the rare coastal woodland habitat around Lake Powell, one of the largest freshwater dune lakes. Amazing fishing opportunities abound. Camping is not allowed and the park closes at sundown.

Beach Safety

UV - By far the most common injury on the beach is also the most easily prevented! SUNBURN. Protect your skin: Sunlight contains two kinds of UV rays. UVA which increases the risk of skin cancer, skin aging, and other skin diseases. UVB which causes sunburn and can lead to skin cancer. Limit the amount of direct sunlight you receive between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and wear a sunscreen with a protection factor such as 15 or higher. Wear sunglasses. They're like sunscreen for your eyes and protect against damage that can occur from the sun. Be sure to select sunglasses with labels indicating that they absorb at least 90 percent of UV sunlight.

Hydration - Drink water frequently even if you don't feel thirsty. Your body needs water to keep cool. Avoid substantial consumption drinks with alcohol or caffeine . They can make you feel good briefly but make the heat's effects on your body worse.

Swim With Caution - Not all areas have lifegaurds present, be sure to familarize yourself with any new areas and don't expect life saving services to necessarily be available. When present, observe beach warning flags. Learn more about waves, currents or marine life on our water page.


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