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Italian-American Family Recipes Over 100 Years Old!

Paparazzi’s menu consists of our family recipes that are over 100 years old passed down from four generations.  For decades The Trubia, Belicose and Certo families had merged together through marriage resulting in delicious Authentic Italian-American dishes.  The most important ingredient that our families have consistently portrayed over the years has been that all of our food is prepared with only the freshest and natural ingredients.  The way we control this is by preparing all of our dishes from scratch.  We make our own fresh mozzarella in house daily, Nanny’s Marinara which is our signature sauce, is made daily along with an old popular Italian traditional sauce known as the “Sunday Gravy.” Our most famous sauce is the Pink Sauce, or traditionally known as Vodka Sauce, starts with our Marinara.

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In the 1930’s and 1940’s Marcello and Rachel Belicose owned and operated a fruit and vegetable store along with their two sons Ralph and John located in the upper west side of Manhattan in New York City.  The Belicose family lived in a small apartment above the store.  In the back of the store there was a small kitchen where Nana and Papa Belicose would routinely prepare Italian dishes for families in the neighborhood who’s loved ones were ill and busy caring for them.  Over the years this small kitchen became the home of a very small restaurant.  Growing up in this kitchen were two young sisters, Marie and Anna.  Later on in their lives through hands on experience from their parents, they both had become very good cooks and shared their skills with family and friends.   Shortly after marrying Louis Trubia, Marie became an executive chef for a small bank in Staten Island, N.Y. where she would prepare daily lunches for the owners of the bank and their guests.  While working at the bank, Marie also volunteered part time at her local church, Gateway Cathedral where she would cook for small gatherings and prepare catered entrees for large banquet events.   After 15 years with the bank, Marie retired and went on to work full time for the church.

Belicose Family Story and History, Providing 100 year old Panama City Beach italian recipes.