Want to buy a Panama City Beach Condo?

Beach condos come in many shapes and sizes to fit anyone’s budget or taste. We at Life’s A Beach Real Estate have helped thousands of buyers procure their perfect condo. There are many unique precautions potential buyers need to understand. Condos are a unique way to own your piece of paradise. 

When searching for the perfect condo one must do the required due diligence and ask many questions. 

Location is key and pricing is largely dependent on the location. Beach front is the most requested location, but always comes with a higher price tag than off the beach with only a beach view. 

The balcony level of a condo is always a question which needs to be addressed up front. Many love the higher levels, while others like the middle level and even others like the ground floor level. This is strictly a personal preference. The ground floor eliminates the need or use of an elevator, and may be a better option for pet owners. The downside of a ground floor level unit may be a limited view of the Gulf and potential noise from the pool area.

In all my years of selling condos, I find the most desired level is the mid-level balcony height. For example, for a 23-floor building this would be about floors 10 through the 15. Many families do request the highest level as possible, though. Penthouse condos are typically at the very top of a resort building and have some of the most beautiful views. 

My suggestion is if you are in the market for a beach condo, go to the building that fits your price range and walk the entire facility. Look at many levels and various condo layouts. Most buyers have children or grandchildren and height is a very important factor for them. 

Pricing is another key factor. In most cases, the newest, nicest condo resorts will have the highest prices. The condition of the building, the appearance, access to parking and elevator situation all play into this. Check into the cleanliness of the resort. Check corridors, paint conditions, mold, neglect of compressors, plumbing, machinery. All of this reflects the quality of the Condo Management Association and maintenance levels. The outward cleanliness of the resort is a direct reflection of how well the building has been taken care of through the years. 

The Condo Owner Association (COA) is another important consideration. Every condo resort will have an association with an elected board of homeowners. The COA/HOA plays a very important role for the condo homeowner. A monthly or quarterly fee will be required and these fees may differ from resort to resort, some higher and some lower. Typically, the HOA fee is calculated by the size of the condo – the larger square the feet, the higher the fee. 

COA/HOA dues typically cover water, trash, sewer and maintenance of the entire facility including the pool, grounds, fitness facilities, common areas and lawn and garden maintenance. Hurricane and flood insurance should also be included in the fees. In most cases electric bills, property taxes and content insurance are the homeowner’s responsibility. 

If you are applying for a bank loan, keep in mind that in addition to the bank loan repayment you will have the COA/HOA payments as well. 

Speaking of bank loans, be sure to have a pre-approval / pre-qualification letter from your bank stating you are approved for the price range in which you are looking to purchase. Have an idea of your ideal price range so to not waste your time on something which may be higher than you are qualified for. 

If you are looking to buy in a condo resort which allows short-term vacation rentals, this would be considered a condotel. Some banks are not familiar with the beach condo business, may not understand how they work and may not lend on certain buildings. If you away from Panama City Beach, it may be prudent to talk to a local lender which lends on many buildings on the beach. 

70 to 80% of the buyers of condos place their condos on a rental program for rental income. This is a great way to offset monthly expenses such as property taxes, COA/HOA fees, bank loans, etc. Do your homework on property management companies with good reputations. Some do a better job of creating more income than others for the homeowners. Typically, property management fees are 20% of the gross revenue and they handle all aspects of managing your condo rentals. 

Beach condos are a great way to own your own piece of paradise with virtually no physical maintenance or lawn care. Just sit back and enjoy the Gulf views and the beautiful evening sunsets. What a great way to spend time with the entire family in Panama City Beach! Bring the kids, grandkids, mom and dad, granddad, grandmother… make some awesome, unforgettable family memories. Use the pools, swim in the Gulf or lay out on the beach. There are also many golf courses in the area, along with fishing, boating, dolphin tours, dinner tours, shopping, and just everything your family will enjoy.

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