Packing for the Beach!

Pack the right clothes.

Bring suitable clothes for the weather for each day plus a couple of extra outfits. Don’t forget your swimsuit if the weather is right, and include clothes for activities you plan such as fine dining or nightlife. Include good footwear. Flip flops are perfect for the beach, but you may prefer your tennis shoes to go exploring off the beach.

Take protection from the sun.

By far the most common injury on the beach is also the most easily prevented! SUNBURN. Pack your sunscreen. It is advisable to wear at least SPF 15, or higher if you have fair skin. 

Lip balm, hats, sunglasses and cover ups with long sleeves are also helpful.

Bring something to sit on.

Don’t forget your beach towels, mats, umbrellas and beach chairs. You may prefer to make it easier and just rent one of the many chair and umbrella setups available.

Bring coolers and items to store your things.

Consider bringing a cooler for your food and drinks as needed. Stores kids’ toys in a net bag. Keep your valuables away from water and sand by putting them in a zip-top or other waterproof bag. It’s best not to take anything irreplaceable to the beach.

Pack for family entertainment.

Keep your kids entertained in the car with appropriate toys and/or a dvd player or tablet. Buckets, shovels and simple water toys will be all they need to have fun on the beach. Also consider bringing books to enjoy on the beach, and a deck of cards or other simple games for your room.

Pack a small first aid kit.

Bandages and ointments for for minor cuts and scrapes are smart to have on hand. Also remember any over the counter or other medications you may need.

Don’t forget the snacks.

Keep it simple. Don’t plan to assemble your lunch at the beach or you may get sand in it! Consider pre-made sandwiches, chips, vegetable sticks, granola bars and bottles of water. Skip the soda as it doesn’t hydrate well.

And the music…

A waterproof blue tooth speaker is perfect for listening to music from your phone.

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