Easy Crawfish Boil

Crawfish season is here! 

Crawfish boil in Panama City BeachIn the spring and summer months local gulf coast crawfish make a welcome addition to our local seafood offerings.  If you’ve never tried boiling your own crawfish, now is a great time to start.

Its possible to do a boil on the stove-top but for this recipe we’ll assume that you are using a large (80+ quart) pot on an outdoor propane burner.  And, we’ll be calling for one ‘sack’ of live crawfish, these are usually around 35-40 pounds and you can find them at a local seafood market.  They’ll need to be rinsed as well which can be done in a sink or a large tub.  Cover the crawfish about halfway with water and pick through them to remove any dead ones or debris like sticks or mud.  

This recipe will easily feed 6 to 10 people, if you have more just multiply the ingredients. You will need a large (80+ quart) pot with a strainer basket and a propane burner with propane along with a cooking paddle or something to stir your boil with.



1 sack (35-40 lbs) live crawfish (rinsed and sorted)
2 lbs salt
6 heads of garlic (cut in half)
8 lemons (cut in half)
1 large bag or jar (72 oz) crawfish boil mix
3 lbs small red potatoes (rinsed)
10 ears of corn on the cob (shucked and cut in thirds)



Bring the water to a boil, add the salt, boil mix, potatoes, garlic and lemon and stir.  Wait 15 minutes, add the corn and stir.  Wait 10 more minutes, remove and drain the veggies and set aside on a paper lined table.  Add the crawfish to the pot and wait for it to return to a boil.  Once it does, immediately turn off the heat, stir and leave the crawfish in the pot for another 30 minutes.  Drain and serve with the corn and potatoes.  

That’s it.  It’s that easy to host a crawfish boil for your family and friends.  If you don’t have access a large boil pot or a propane burner, try this recipe for a smaller batch on the stove top – follow the instructions above but use 5 lbs of crawfish, 1 cup of salt, 1 lemon, 1 head of garlic,  1 and 1/2 cups boil mix, 1 lb of potatoes and two ears of corn.